It is an honor and a pleasure to introduce to you this celebrated wildlife artist who has traveled around the globe, creating art from her experiences.  Her vision is to conserve and protect nature. 



This site displays some of the wonderful paintings created by Laurie A. (Parsons) Yarnes.  Most are done in watercolors, which is her media of choice. Prints are available in various sizes.  Gallery and publisher inquiries are encouraged.



Laurie has been a lifelong supporter of the environment and conservation issues.   No matter how small her efforts may be in the “big picture,” Laurie feels her career choices and her art have touched lives in a positive way and she hopes to continue making a difference.



Enjoy your visit.

Farmers once shot zebras as a pest because they competed with cattle for grazing.   The few mountain zebras left in the wild live in the mountain grasslands of southwestern Africa.  The pattern of their distinctive stripes is as unique as a human fingerprint. 

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I think I was born with wings.  I first learned to fly in my dreams and then living a dream became a reality.  My life has soared through the years with music, choice, travel, and change.  Painting is my escape to a peaceful familiar place that only lets me in when I am holding a brush in my hand.

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